Attendee Profile

Attendees at the Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo are highly qualified professionals and entrepreneurs:

Employed in the cannabis industry
Interested in starting a cannabis business
Private equity & investment resources
Provide professional or business services

These attendees will represent all segments of the Cannabis industry:

Accounting & bookkeeping firms
Consulting services
Delivery services
Edibles producers
Federal, state and local governments
Grow sites & facilities
Hemp producers & distributors
Infused products producers
Law enforcement
Legal services
Licensed retail stores
Hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities
Private equity firms
Regulatory enforcement agencies
Security & safety services
Smokeshops & headshops

These attendees will be looking to purchase or invest in a broad scope of products and services:

Accounting & insurance services
Advertising & marketing agencies
Banking & payment processing services
Containers, bottles and packaging
Dispensing & vending machines
Displays & fixtures
Grow lights
Hemp products
Hydroponics & cultivation products
Infused edibles & beverages
Inventory tracking
Lawyers & legal resources
Licensing services
Medical resources
Paraphernalia (headshop & smokeship goods)
POS & management software
Private equity & investment resources
Professional training & education
Security services & equipment
Seed banks
Testing & lab services
Tinctures, tonics and topicals

And more…

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