Media Criteria

Print Media
Copy of a business card or current masthead clearly displaying name and editorial title or an industry-related article written within the last six months.
Online Media
To qualify as online media, you must represent a commercial website that posts original industry related content at least once per month. The website must extend beyond forums, personal diaries, personal analysis, or opinion.
Writers from internationally recognized market research or financial institutions who consistently write for regularly published newsletters and/or reports must provide a business card and industry-related reports published within the past six months that clearly display authorship.
Broadcast Media
Copy of your business card clearly displaying your name and editorial/production title or provide access to any media stories produced or reported upon within the last six months.
Must cover the industry on a regular basis and must have written on the relevant market segments within three months of requesting a media badge. Blogs must contain current dated content and news above and beyond links, forums, self-promotion, and reader contributions.
Freelance Writers
Freelance writers must provide an article published within the past six months and must be on assignment from a news outlet to cover the event.
Freelance/Staff Photograhers and Photo Agencies
Submit a letter from an editorial contact at the publication indicating that you are covering the conference and exhibition for that publication.
Association Publication/ Newsletter Staff
Reporters from internationally recognized magazines, newspapers or newsletters produced by industry associations must provide articles published within the past six months. Newsletters must have a registered subscriber base of at least 500.
Our Policy
CWCB Expos and Leading Edge Expositions reserve the right to refuse media passes during pre- registration as well as on-site media registration. Please be advised that media passes are limited in number and are reserved for commercial news outlets. In addition, media credentials can be revoked if an individual abuses the privilege or obtains credentials under false pretenses. Photgraphs, videotaping, filming, or sound recording within the CWCB Expos for the purpose of commercial use, broadcasting, or distribution to the general media is prohibited without the prior written consent of Show Management. Permission should also be obtained from individual exhibitors prior to the filming of their exhibit.