CWCBExpo, Presenter Of Tri-Annual Marijuana Conference, Discusses Cannabis Culture, Ancient Roots

Feb. 8, 2019 New York City, New York — The Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition’s (CWCBExpo) three annual marijuana conference events are great opportunities to learn more about cannabis culture. In this article, CWCBExpo discusses a few exciting details about cannabis’s ancient roots.

Cannabis has appeared in numerous cultures throughout history. The drug has served religious and medical purposes, and it’s been consumed as food and mixed with beverages. Today, cannabis, hemp and CBD products are the highlights of any marijuana conference.

Early Appearances

Cannabis is thought to have appeared as early as 26,900 years ago, according to archeologists who discovered a hemp belt that dates to that time. The earliest recorded cultivation of cannabis dates back 12,000 years to Central Asia. The earliest evidence of cannabis serving a cultural purpose dates to the Neolithic periods where the Yangshao wore hemp clothing, wove hemp and made hemp pottery.

The first recorded use of marijuana as medicine dates to 2,737 BC when marijuana was used by the Chinese to treat rheumatism and gout. But, numerous references allude to multiple medical uses throughout history. For example, it’s thought that cannabis was used to treat anxiety, ear problems, burns, cuts, tumors, inflammation, indigestions, muscle aches, tremors, and diseases of the eye. It’s also believed that the Romans used cannabis to treat domesticated farm animals.

Cannabis and Culture

We’ve clearly come a long way to arrive at the level of marijuana conference events that you can attend later this year. After ancient civilizations discovered cannabis, they began to incorporate the plant into their culture. Not only did cannabis serve medical and economic purposes, it also became part of ancient religious experiences and diets.

Religion: Although ancient civilizations used marijuana for religious purposes slightly differently, it’s clear that the plant held religious and spiritual significance. For example, cannabis seeds were placed in ancient Chinese tombs for the afterlife. Cannabis was also used as an ingredient in holy incense in ancient Judea and an oracle in ancient Greece used marijuana as part of a religious experience to commune with the dead.

Food: Cannabis has also been consumed for centuries. Ancient cultures juiced and smoked the plant. They also infused wine with cannabis and myrrh.

About the Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition:

The Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition is a business-to-business trade show event for the legalized cannabis industry. The Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition medical marijuana convention is held three times per year in the largest media, financial and business markets: New York, Los Angeles, and Boston. It is the leading forum for dispensary owners, growers, suppliers, investors, medical professionals, government regulators, legal counsel, and entrepreneurs looking to achieve business success and identify new areas of growth in this dynamic and fast-growing industry.

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