Los Angeles Conference Program


Cannabis Law: Present and Future

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A cutting-edge CLE workshop on cannabis business law in California and beyond, both lawyers and non-lawyers are welcome.  Those coming into the field as well as experienced practitioners will… Read More >

Business and Law of Marijuana

This panel of experts will address the interplay between state laws legalizing recreational and/or medical marijuana uses and the Federal Controlled Substances Act; enforcement and application of other regulatory regimes governing the operation of marijuana-related businesses, such as banking and… Read More >

Health, Wellness & Safety: What to Look for When Buying CBD

Many people refer to the CBD retail market as the “Wild Wild West” and, because necessary national testing and dosing standards haven’t been established yet, it’s often difficult to know what to buy or how much to take. Experts will… Read More >

280E: Taxing the Cannabis Industry

This session will focus on strategies to minimize the impact of 280E. We will discuss the importance of entity selection and how those choices are applied across the industry. We’ll also discuss current positions of the IRS on businesses in… Read More >

A Brand New Cannabis World

This panel will discuss how cannabis entrepreneurs and investors discover new business opportunities through social equity partnerships, global licensing & expansion, and multinational research. Read More >

How Can Artificial Intelligence Provide Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

Deconstructing AI - What is it? Why should you be using it? How can it be applied to your current business to create solutions and build sustainable customer relationships? Come hear just some of the areas AI is already being… Read More >

Warrior Wellness: The Transition Epidemic Facing Veterans

Hear Special Operatives tell their stories and discuss the need for alternative therapies. Read More >


Build, Grow and Expand your Cannabis Business

Are you looking to enter the cannabis industry and are unsure what road is the best one to take? Then this class is for you! Quickly identify the national business opportunities, legislative parameters, associated risks, business models, regulations, due diligence… Read More >


Cannabis Investing 101

This workshop will address the fundamental terms, risks, and opportunities investors can consider when evaluating how to invest in the cannabis industry. From the private sector to public stocks, what does an investor need to consider for a successful investment? … Read More >


Hemp: The Dawning of a New Day in the USA

The National Hemp Association is proud to present this workshop which will provide attendees the opportunity to speak directly to those charged with developing Regulations at both the Federal and State levels. State experts will explain what the passage of… Read More >


Cannabis, Hemp and CBD Retail Outlets: A Vision for the Future

This workshop will be an intense experience for the cannabis, hemp and/or CBD retailers looking for the next phase of retailing their products and businesses for success. Meet, network and from experienced business operators, industry retailers, and marketing professionals as… Read More >

Topics, speakers and times may change without notice.