Cannabis Expo CWCBExpo Discusses Workplace Drug Testing Laws Across The U.S.

Feb. 7, 2019, New York City, New York — As more states move to legalize marijuana for medical and/or recreational purposes, employees are asking about what employers will do when it comes to drug testing. You can learn more about this hot topic at one of CWCBExpo’s upcoming cannabis expo events.  The next show will be held in New York City from May 29 through June 1.

States that have legalized marijuana are seeing drops in the number of employers who drug test. Employers in states that legalized marijuana — either for medical use, recreational use or both — don’t seem to care as much as they perhaps once did about employees’ use of marijuana. The increasingly-tolerant attitude held by a growing number of employers is following the increasingly tolerant attitudes states hold about marijuana.

However, these changes don’t mean employees should stop paying attention to employer drug testing policies and conversation at a cannabis expo can reveal inconsistencies across the country.

There’s a wide range between states in terms of how they approach drug testing. For example, employer drug screenings in California are permitted in only a small number of situations and these must be strictly defined. In Kansas, private employers are relatively unfettered by drug testing laws.

It’s always important to know how any test could affect your employment. The last thing an employee wants is to end up unemployed or on probation because they used a drug legally.

The ambiguity that still characterizes marijuana legislation should signal to employees that they still need to understand where and how they can use the drug legally if they want to avoid unwanted ramifications, especially when their state or employer does drug testing.

Until federal legislation clears up the complexity of drug testing and marijuana use, employees can protect themselves by asking their human resource department what’s acceptable and what’s not. If they don’t like their company’s policy, they can always seek to change it.

CWCBExpo’s cannabis expo events provide information on the latest marijuana policies and connect pot enthusiasts to groups dedicated to the legalization of cannabis.

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