Sam Neutgens

Folium Biosciences

Kaila Strong

Jupiter Research

Mike Wiener

BMJ Group

3 Win Corp

"Hi, my name is Chris Sinacori. I am the President and CEO of 3Win Corporation. Our Corporate office is based out of Phoenix, AZ. This is actually our first year exhibiting here in New York and it's been a phenomenal show and what makes it phenomenal is that I feel like the traffic has been better than expected. I feel like today, being the last day of the show, we have been communicating with people on every aspect of the business from the growth facilities all the way up the end user. So from our staff, it has been a pleasure."

BMJ Grouping

"Hi, my name is Mike Wiener and I am the CEO of BMJ Grouping. We are a credit card processing company for the green industry. For Hemp, for CBD, for Marijuana. We are here at the expo in New York and we are having an unbelievable time. All the exhibitors have been phenomenal. The National Hemp Association who helped us get involved with this program has been absolutely terrific. To the fact that we have already signed up for the expo next year, and we are looking forward to it. Thank you."

Iris Gummies

"Hi, my name is Isabella Gomez and I am one of the founders of Iris Gummies. We are here exhibiting today in New York. This is our 3rd day. It has been going great so far so we are really happy. A lot of new leads here at the show and a lot of great contacts so far. So we can be happy."

Jupiter Research

"Hi, my name is Kaila Strong I am the director of marketing for Jupiter Research. We are at the CWCBExpo today and here for the last couple of days. It is day 3. We are super excited to be here. We pre-committed for Boston and the LA show as well and for next year. This is our second time being here in New York City. We always receive a lot of leads from this show. Getting in front of a lot of processors and extractors. For our company Jupiter Research we develop vaporization technology. We create cartridges and vaporizers and so we really want to get in front of anyone in the cannabis industry needs to fill their cartridges. Find a good battery for patients and rec users. So here we've been able to find a lot of folks and we are at the Yacht Party last night which was amazing as well as a sub sponsor so we love to promote and be a part of this amazing event."

Folium Biosciences

"Hey, this Sam Neutgens with Folium Biosciences here at the CWCB in New York and I got to say what a wonderful show. Customer service, get with these guys - they will build your business. Wonderful traffic, I can't say enough. We will be back! Thank you so much, enjoy the show and hope to see you next year!"