NY Seminars 2020

Thursday, May 30

Industry Update

The legalized cannabis and hemp industries are rapidly emerging markets which could approach $17 billion in 2019. Each represents economic opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs and business owners inside and outside these spaces. Gerald Pascarelli from Cowen will present an Industry… Read More >

Cannabis 2030: Back To The Future

How will the world look with cannabis available and accessible to all adults? Will we dine at restaurants with cannabis flights, watch movies at theaters with THC sound and get massages at spas that use CBD oil? The unfolding global… Read More >

Big Data Powers Big Cannabis

The cannabis market is evolving quickly. As new markets open and unique products come to market, the importance of understanding consumer usage trends has never been more relevant. While we have a good handle on how much is being bought… Read More >

Don’t Forget the Checks! How to Prep for Turning in Your Licensing Application

When it comes to submitting a cannabis business licensing application, you SHOULD sweat the small stuff, but you wouldn’t believe some of the important details that we’ve seen people miss. There are a million and one things to think about… Read More >

How to Protect your Cannabis Business

Learn how cannabis businesses owners & investors need the right insurance protections and investments. With proper planning, realistic goals and knowledge of how to protect your investment, you will be able to sleep better at night. Read More >

Protect Thyself: Investor- vs. Company-Friendly Deal Terms

In this entertaining, dynamic, back and forth, “point-counterpoint” style panel/debate by 2 very experienced professionals, we will reveal various important deal terms and varying types of investments with the advantages and disadvantages debated from the company/entrepreneur vs. investor perspective. Discussion… Read More >

280E: Taxing the Cannabis Industry

This session will focus on strategies to minimize the impact of 280E. We will discuss the importance of entity selection and how those choices are applied across the industry. We’ll also discuss current positions of the IRS on businesses in… Read More >

Being a Good Boss: Why it Matters More in Cannabis

Leaders in the cannabis industry have more of a challenge when it comes to being a good boss. From this panel presentation, attendees will learn what it takes to be a good leader and a good boss in the cannabis industry… Read More >

Business and Law of Marijuana

This panel of experts will address the interplay between state laws legalizing recreational and/or medical marijuana uses and the Federal Controlled Substances Act; enforcement and application of other regulatory regimes governing the operation of marijuana-related businesses, such as banking and… Read More >

Finding the Funding: An Overview of Debt and Equity Options to Fund your Business

Are you seeking to expand your marijuana business? You need to understand the plethora of options available so you can decide the best way to move forward.  This session is going to teach you how to plan , prepare and … Read More >

Think About Your Exit — BEFORE Your Exit

It is easy to ignore thinking about your eventual exit strategy when you’ve got so many other pressing business decisions to make early on, but no matter the reason for an exit, your strategy should be established well before the… Read More >

Compliance Issues for Cannabis Licensee’s – How to Remove All Fear of Regulators

Compliance is costing cannabis licensed enterprises millions of dollars, and many states are taking very hard and long looks at the businesses in their regions. In this session you will learn how to understand state regulations, how to use a… Read More >

Grow Room Environments for High-Quality Crops

Growers often feel forced to make decisions based on minimizing capital outlays and controlling cash flows while hopefully meeting the biological needs of plants. Through well-informed choices in grow room climate conditions and equipment, growers can minimize operational costs while… Read More >

Banking Bad – Obtaining and Keeping a Bank Account!

Join two of America’s early pioneers from the Cannabis and Banking Industries as they have a candid conversation surrounding one of the most pressing prerequisites to succeed in the cannabis industry: obtaining and keeping banking services. Speculative Cannabis Banking Programs… Read More >

Friday, May 31

Cannabis Extraction

With oil-infused product sales at $1 billion in 2017, what cannabis extracts are becoming prevalent and what should today’s extraction entrepreneur consider before using those investor funds? Matt Anderson explores new extraction methods, products, vertical integration models and more. Read More >

A Brand New Cannabis World

This panel will discuss how cannabis entrepreneurs and investors discover new business opportunities through social equity partnerships, global licensing & expansion, and multinational research. Read More >

Cannabis Funds and Venture Capital, What You Need to Know

The audience members will come away with significant learning and an enhanced perspective on industry trends, structures and transactions for raising and deploying capital. Specific transaction types will be explored and used as examples to foster an appreciation for the… Read More >

What We Can Learn from Other States

As many states on the East Coast seek to legalize marijuana for medical or adult use, success in emerging markets takes a well-crafted combination of expertise, study and groundwork.   Hear what we can learn  from those with years of experience:… Read More >

In Conversation with Bruce Linton: A High Level View of the Current State of the Industry

This featured session is sponsored by: Renewsha    Join us for this lively discussion where Bruce Linton, CEO, Canopy Growth Corporation is interviewed by Aditi Roy, CNBC General Assignment Reporter.   Read More >

Warrior Wellness: The Transition Epidemic Facing Veterans

Returning to civilian life presents unique opportunities and challenges for those who have served. Veterans have a much higher rate of certain debilitating medical conditions as compared to the rest of the population. From the battlefields to their pathways to civilian… Read More >

Make Seed-to-Sale Work for You

In all legal markets, governing bodies implement some degree of regulatory tracking requirements commonly referred to as “Seed-to-Sale” or “Track-and-Trace.” i.e. METRC, Biotrack, Leaf Data Systems. For anyone operating a license, it is essential to understand how these tools work… Read More >

Breaking Boundaries Without Permission: Women Making Business and Social Impact

This panel will focus on women who are taking on business projects and/or social issues without limits. They are making serious inroads while challenging the marketplace and social views. Each women will represent a various sector within the cannabis industry. Read More >

Key Trends Shaping the Global Cannabis Market

The Cannabis Industry continues to flourish and today over 50 countries worldwide have some form of legal cannabis. As new markets are continually added, technology, new consumer preferences, and medical advancements are shaping the way we think about and predict… Read More >

Hemp Cultivation Best Practices

Hemp is a crop that is new to the US and fits well in most farming operations. The style of hemp being grown will determine the best practices recommended. This session will compare cultivation systems and provide guidance on the… Read More >

Crop Insurance Program for Industrial Hemp

With the recent passage of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, industrial hemp has a significant opportunity to reach its full commercial production potential in the near future.  Since the regulation which previously restricted the development of the crop and… Read More >

Autism: Perspectives, Passion and Progress

Hear from experts in the Autism community as they discuss how CBD and THC interacts with the body’s receptors, CB1, CB2, GPR 55 and why it matters. Learn the latest progress about access to information and material before and after… Read More >

The “Legalization” of Cannabis & Future Business Opportunities in New York and New Jersey

Cannabis laws in New York and New Jersey are changing rapidly and will create a multitude of new business opportunities in the most ethnically and geographically diverse region in the nation. Our panel will provide insight into the state of… Read More >

How Blockchain is Transforming the Cannabis Industry from Seed-to-Sale

Blockchain technologies and the cannabis industry are rapidly transforming. Everyday innovative technologies are designed and developed to address industry challenges. These two fields are fundamentally changing each other and becoming increasingly integrated. We discuss how blockchain technologies can be applied… Read More >

Hemp Processing: From Start to Finish

The presentation focuses on the hemp fiber supply chain, with some thought given to hemp hurd. Dr. Riddle begins with growing process in America, then moves to processing for specific applications, such as apparel, plastics, animal care, automotive, and more.… Read More >

Saturday, June 1

Cannabis and Hemp Academia Town Hall

This groundbreaking assembly of college professionals and students will highlight and discuss the wave of cannabis and hemp curricula taking hold in many US universities. This town hall assembles educators, deans, students and parents to address the issues surrounding these… Read More >

Dispensary Owner/Operator Panel: Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs

A panel discussion with dispensary owner/operators from New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Real-life examples will lead this discussion, encompassing all aspects of owning and operating a cannabis dispensary, including but not limited to: obtaining a license, deciding on a… Read More >

Health, Wellness & Safety: What to Look for When Buying CBD

Many people refer to the CBD retail market as the “Wild Wild West” and, because necessary national testing and dosing standards haven’t been established yet, it’s often difficult to know what to buy or how much to take. Dr. Stuart… Read More >

How the Media and Public Relations Influences the Cannabis Industry

How are public relations firms and major media outlets driving perception and market trends within the cannabis industry? How has the role of mainstream media outlets in cannabis evolved and where can we expect it to go from here? This… Read More >

CBD: Past, Present and Future

What is CBD? Where did it come from? Why is it being hailed as a miracle drug? What is it used for? What are some common CBD myths and misconceptions? What’s next for CBD? Hear a banker question a scientist… Read More >

A New Approach to Startup Due Diligence in the Cannabis Industry

This panel discussion is focused on opportunities in the cannabis industry to re-imagine processes on startup due diligence from conceptualizing the "why" to executing on the "how". Panelists will cover topics related to technology, methodology, and mindsets that are critically… Read More >

Thursday, June 4


Hemp Through the Ages

In celebration of Hemp History Week, take a journey through time with these hemp historians. Moderated by Erica McBride Stark, Les Stark and John Dvorak will walk you through hemp in Ancient History, Early American History, the Rise of Prohibition,… Read More >

Wednesday, June 17


The Business of Pleasure: Using Cannabis to Spark Intimate Exploration

Cannabis has the elements to open up one's comfort levels of desirability.  It may enable transitions of sexual awareness and assist from past intimacy traumas.  Let us unveil the facets of exploration and share the development of this exciting part of the industry:… Read More >

Thursday, July 9


Investing and Capital Raising during COVID

Whether you are a company raising capital or an investor, COVID has likely impacted you and your plans or changed your strategies.  If you're an investor standing on the sidelines, you're likely missing tremendous opportunities to invest at "COVID-adjusted" valuations. … Read More >

Wednesday, July 22


Post Traumatic Growth: Growing through Trauma

PTSD is common, debilitating, and poses a significant risk for suicide. While post trauma stress is prevalent among veterans, many are not aware of its impact within America's female population and impoverished neighborhoods that have minimal resources and high rates of violence.… Read More >

Wednesday, August 5


Marketing 2020: Trials & Trends

Throw away the marketing plan that you made in January. The world has changed and so have you. What does marketing look like today and in the future? Learn new trends in sales and marketing that you can use and… Read More >

Topics, speakers and times may change without notice.