Avoid Shutdown: Navigating California’s State Water Resources Control Board’s Cannabis Cultivation Policy




2:00 pm - 2:50 pm

Chief of the Regional Cannabis Cultivation Regulatory Unit, Eric Lindberg, PG, CHG and Geo-Logic Associates’ Technical Expert, Courtney Barrett, PE, QSIP will provide valuable insight on the California State Water Resources Control Board’s Cannabis Cultivation Policy. The State Water Board Cannabis Cultivation Policy establishes principles and guidelines (requirements) for the diversion and use of water, land disturbances, and the activities related to cannabis cultivation to protect water quantity and quality. Compliance with the Water Board's Cannabis Cultivation Policy is required as part of the CalCannabis licensing process – in essence, obtaining a permit or waiver from the Regional Water Quality Control Board is one checkbox on the CalCannabis checklist of requirements to establish a cultivation operation in the state, and the monitoring and reporting requirements that will be needed to maintain operational status.