Cannabis 2030: Back To The Future


Thursday, May 30


10:50 am - 11:10 am

Presented By:

Sumit Mehta, CEO, MAZAKALI; Rafael de la Cruz, Principal, Universal Brand Ventures

How will the world look with cannabis available and accessible to all adults? Will we dine at restaurants with cannabis flights, watch movies at theaters with THC sound and get massages at spas that use CBD oil? The unfolding global return of cannabis after 80+ years in exile brings with it an undeniable impact on life as we know it.

The world has never changed this quickly before and will never change this slowly again. The business, social, civil, medical, industrial, environmental and personal impact of the cannabis plant reminds us that we are part of a crucial movement at a critical moment. The spread of socially acceptable cannabis consumption will undoubtedly exert a kaleidoscope of influence on our decision-making, idea generation and business formation as pubs and coffee shops did in their respective eras. The collision of technology, globalization and the emerging wellness trend is having a profound impact on our employer relationships, politics, values and community. Accelerating global interdependence and contact with strangers requires us to build longer bridges of understanding across deeper chasms just as technology helps us emerge from the shackles of traditional employment.

Prepare to be transported into life in 2030 with two of the most experienced and creative executives in cannabis today.