Cannabis Investing 101


Thursday, September 26


1:00 pm - 6:00 pm


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Media Sponsor:  Seeking Alpha


This workshop will address the fundamental terms, risks, and opportunities investors can consider when evaluating how to invest in the cannabis industry. From the private sector to public stocks, what does an investor need to consider for a successful investment?  

Moderated by: Noa Kahner, CEO, Kahner Global

1:00 PM
Opening Remarks

1:15 PM
Cannabis Investing Predictions for the Next Phase of the Industry

Presenter: Joyce Cenali, Partner, Big Rock

1:40 PM
Cannabis Investing in Public vs Private Companies

Moderator: John Williams, Founder & Investment Advisor, Safety Harbor Capital
Panelists: Evan Eneman, CEO, ELLO

                     Paul Rosen, Founder & Managing Director, Breakwater Venture Capital
                      David Kivitz, Managing Partner, Archytas Ventures

2:30 PM
A Discussion on the Similarities and Differences in Cannabis Investing vs Mainstream Investing

 - What to look for when doing due diligence in cannabis
 - What are special considerations for investing in cannabis

Moderated by: Douglas Hannah, Managing Director, Silverleaf Venture Partners
Panelist: Murray Huneke, Managing Director, North Point Advisors

              Xavier Fuller, Founding Partner, 11 Eleven Capital, LLC

3:30 PM
California Opportunities & Challenges

 - Global view of retails sales and distributions
 - How does this compare to nationwide
 - How are MSOs operating

Presenters: Tyler Wakstein, Founder & CEO, OpenNest
Felipe Recalde, Senior Vice President of Technology, DYME

4:00 PM
Investing in Psychadelics

Presenter: Garyn Angel, Founder & CEO, Magical Brands

4:30 PM
Global Opportunities in Canada, Europe and Beyond

Moderated by: Rena Sherbill, Senior Editor, Seeking Alpha
Panelist: Nishant Reddy, Co-Founder, Satya Capital

5:00 PM
Cocktail Reception, Networking and Collaboration