Cannabis Pharmacology and the Entourage Effect




3:00 pm - 3:50 pm

For millennia, consuming cannabis was unpredictable and unreliable: a “hit” of marijuana could produce any range of effects, from couchlock to paranoia. But imagine being able to offer a product that provided a predictable and reliable sensation, such as sleep, energy, relief and more. The future is here: Biotech companies are developing formulations that offer consumers tailored sensations based on lab tested compositions of terpenes and cannabinoids. With this intellectual property, brands can move away from full plant extracts, which produce unpredictable results. Genetics will play a critical role that enables this future. This discussion will cover what formulations are, the current state of research into the synergetic effects when specific cannabinoid compounds are combined, and why formulations are the key to mainstream adoption of cannabinoid products.