CBD Research: What We Are Learning from Two Powerhouses


Friday, September 27


12:45 pm - 1:30 pm

Moderated By:

Rafael De La Cruz, Principal, Universal Brand Ventures


Lisa Gill, Health & Medicine Investigative Reporter, Consumer Reports; Claire Kaufmann, Director of Client Services, Brightfield Group

As the CBD market is exploding and millions of Americans are using and selling these products, there is no way for consumers to know if their CBD products actually contain as much CBD or THC as advertised. CBD has the potential to deliver significant benefits to consumers, but shoppers need to be confident that the products they buy are safe and that reported ingredients are accurate. Otherwise, many people who could benefit from CBD may not take it, and those who do could be exposing themselves to unknown health risks. In the largest known survey of its kind, Consumer Reports found an estimated 64 million Americans have tried CBD in the past 24 months.  

Through Brightfield’s research, they will share what they learned and dive into insights from their CBD and cannabis consumer portal. Who exactly is your customer and what motivates them to purchase your products? What are they doing when they are not consuming hemp or cannabis? From aging CBD users treating chronic pain to microdosing mamas, come learn how to reach your target demo and how to tell a story that will truly resonate.