Cracking Growth Marketing


Thursday, October 18


2:00 pm - 2:50 pm

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Are you an existing cannabis business owner looking to grow your business online? You’ve been confronted w/the challenges of marketing on traditional channels and you’re looking for innovative tactics and tools to reach more potential customers. During this presentation, you’ll learn growth marketing hacks from successful cannabis marketing pro, Marcus Johnson-Smith, Founder of Kush Groove and Clearwater Branding. During this presentation, you’ll learn:

– How to create Facebook ads that pass through Facebook’s ad policies

– How to develop a content marketing strategy that reaches more customers

– The software tools you need to scale outreach and communication with target customers

– Checklist of what you need for your website in 2018

– How to get 50,000 google searches to your online social properties in 1 month

– and much more