Cultivating and Consuming Clean Cannabis


Thursday, September 26


3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Moderated By:

Kelley Crosson, Horticulturalist & Designer; Cannabis Business Consultant & Advisor


Bryce Berryessa, Board of Directors, California Cannabis Industry Association; President & Co-Founder, La Vida Verde; Josh Wurzer, President & Co-Founder, SC Labs; Josh Schmidt, Co-Founder, Pistil Point Cannabis

As cannabis laws in the US continue to change state-by-state, cannabis (and cannabis products) are not yet regulated by a national set of standards for public health and safety. Knowledgeable and deeply thoughtful attempts are being made by growers, processors, and third party testing labs who recognize and honor their responsibility to those who consume their products. But since 80% of the cannabis consumed in the US is grown and sold illegally, how do you know if the cannabis you are consuming is really clean? Sustainable, organic, biodynamic - what do these words even mean?  This panel will compare, and contrast a few different states’ regulatory requirements and provide guidance on how to cultivate clean cannabis.