Designing the Smart Farm of the Future: Automation of the Cultivation Process


Thursday, September 26


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Moderated By:

Charles Warner, Editor-in-Chief, Cannabis & Tech Today


David Friedman, CEO, VividGro; Leighton Wolffe, President, GrowFit Analytics

Meeting the growing demand for medical and recreational cannabis, growers have to re-imagine the farming landscape and integrate advanced technologies to solve the most difficult cultivation challenges. The cultivation industry is increasingly adopting data-driven farm management tools, more sensors, controls, automation, predictive and AI platforms, and other IoT technologies, each in the effort to improve a specific part of the cultivation process. Growers need to improve the quality and artistry of their plants; facility operators need to improve the efficiency and predictability of their crops; and investors need to improve visibility to their crops and returns of their investments. This presentation will lay out how modern connectivity and big-data cloud technologies can connect, obtain and analyze the information necessary from grow facilities to continually monitor the performance, and proactively identify actions in order to maximize overall grow performance.