Growing Organic Cannabis




12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Session 1. Using The Soil Food Web to Grow The Best Cannabis, Organically. Presented by Jeff Lowenfels

No one ever fertilizes the Redwoods or uses RoundUp on them. How do they grow to 370 feet and live over 500 years? The team with the microbes in the soil and use the soil food web. In this highly educational and extremely entertaining session, you will learn what the soil food web is, how it operates and, most important, how you can use the soil food web to grow the very best, organic cannabis.

Session 2. How Plants Eat, What to Feed them and What Do They Do With All That Food? Presented by Jeff Lowenfels

Growers need to know how plants take up nutrients and understand what happens to those nutrients once inside the plant in order to grow the very best crop. Lowenfels' unique, humor-filled method of teaching the necessary chemistry, cellular biology and botany (plus just a bit of metaphysics to make it really fun) will give you the tools necessary really understand what is happening in your plants. Once and for all be able to know if flushing makes sense or if you really need to apply that special mix the guy at the store sold you.

Session 3. Second Suns, Soil Microbes, and Cannabis DNA: Back to the Future. Presented by Expert Panel consisting of representatives from the Microbiometer, PhylosBioscience, and Azentive

Advances in many areas of science converge in this exciting panel discussion of the future happening now. Incredible, new plasma lighting technology that replicates sunlight will be demonstrated as will the Microbiometer, a new and extremely affordable microbial measuring tool. These will be discussed in conjunction with the latest results of PhylosBioscience's world-wide cannabis DNA research. Soon, and maybe even right now, Growers can exactly identify their cannabis strains and replicate original local sunlight wavelengths and microbial density. The Future will be Now after you learn the latest in advances in growing Cannabis.