How to Purchase or Open a Cannabis Business

Are you looking to enter the cannabis industry and are unsure what road is the best one to take? Then this class is for you! Quickly identify the national business opportunities, legislative parameters, associated risks, business models, regulations, due diligence and steps necessary to purchase, invest or open a cannabis business.

  • Module one will cover business opportunities, company structure, product development, and creating award-winning companies and brands.
  • Module two will discuss the best way to enter the industry. Is it best for an entrepreneur to partner with an existing licensee who is already profitable by investing directly in the business? Is it better to purchase the business, or compete for a license? This class will discuss the risks, the financials, the benefits, and the rewards, for each of these business opportunities. Learn the critical due diligence necessary to vet these companies properly, and what a successful business should encompass to be a strong candidate for purchase or investment.
  • Module three will cover the merger and acquisition process for cannabis businesses including values, timelines, and the transfer of ownership process.
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