Navigating NIMBY-ism and Stigma: Thoughts from Government Leaders on How to Approach the Municipal Process


Friday, October 19


11:00 am - 11:50 am

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“Not In My Backyard” or “NIMBY” is a phrase heard all too often by industry across the country. But why? Are these fears justified? And what can you do to successfully address them? Massachusetts and its 351 cities and towns are living through the evolution of public opinion and local government approaches as the Commonwealth seeks to implement adult-use cannabis. This panel will seek to discuss their own evolution on the topic of cannabis legalization and provide analysis on where legislative rubber meets the road—at town halls and community centers across Massachusetts. From the Chairman and chief drafter of cannabis legalization and a sitting mayor championing this new industry to a former prosecutor and public safety expert and a leading expert on Massachusetts’ medical and adult-use policies, come learn how to successfully navigate NIMBY-ism and the local process.