Understanding Medical Cannabis Uses: Ailment Strain Alignment


Thursday, September 26


3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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Chanda Macias, CEO, Women Grow; Owner and CEO, National Holistic Healing Center
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As medical cannabis continues to be legalized on a state level, there is a growing educational disparity on how to utilize this form of medicine to address specific ailments and conditions. Patients seeking individualized healthcare needs are not using the proper medical strains, dosing quantities, and forms of medical cannabis for their specific conditions. As a result, self-treatment with medical cannabis may result in a reduced or ineffective healthcare benefit. Aggregated data of patient cannabis usage and corresponding ailment was evaluated, and key healthcare outcomes resulted in a matrix known as “Ailment Strain Alignment.” Educating patients on using the proper strain of medical marijuana, dose response, and form/method of using medical cannabis, for specific conditions has resulted in patients receiving the desired healthcare benefits.