Warrior Wellness: The Transition Epidemic Facing Veterans


Thursday, September 26


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Moderated By:

Eric Goepel, U.S. Army Veteran; Founder & CEO, Veterans Cannabis Coalition


Carmen Brooks, U.S. Army Veteran; CEO & Founder, Enchantibis; Adrian Gomez, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran; Operations Manager, Continuum Distribution; Dev Suzuki, U.S. Army Veteran; Representative, Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance

Military service, whether in peacetime or combat, has been a source of trauma for millions of veterans. The history of veterans in the United States is a record stuck on repeat--every generation has had to fight the federal government for recognition and treatment of the harms they experienced while serving the country in uniform. The failure of government extends to the treatment veterans receive at home, reflected by the more than 100,000 veteran deaths by suicide and overdose since 9/11. Today, many veterans have experienced profound relief and benefit from cannabis-based treatments, and community advocates are actively pushing their elected officials across the country for equal access and robust research. Join a panel of veteran advocates to hear about the potential of cannabis and CBD to make a positive impact on the health of those in need and how they are working to shape cannabis policy.