Aaron Lachant

Aaron Lachant has been at the forefront of the marijuana industry since 2009. By solving novel and complex regulatory, compliance and licensing issues, Aaron has kept his clients, including approximately 45 of the 135 originally legalized dispensaries in Los Angeles under Proposition D (legislation he co-authored), in business and flourishing. Combining Aaron’s pioneering experience in getting marijuana businesses permitted with his adroit navigation of a regulatory landscape in flux, has made him the go-to attorney for legal cannabis advice.
He frequently acts as outside general counsel for clients in the industry and is active in the Greater Los Angeles Collective Alliance (GLACA), an association of medical cannabis cooperative and collective operators whose mission is to provide safe access to patients with adherence to a strict code of operational guidelines. He is the only attorney appointed to the Los Angeles County Advisory Working Group on Cannabis Regulation. Aaron also heads the consulting group, MMLG, which focuses on navigating local and state licensing application requirements for cannabis-related businesses.
Well ahead of the curve on the issues facing the marijuana business, Aaron’s work has grown with the maturing of the industry. He has worked on many sophisticated corporate transactions, advising clients on M&A deals, partnership disputes, and litigation involving regulatory violations. His legal knowledge of business and regulatory issues confronting the cannabis industry is complemented by years of experience representing other healthcare providers in all aspects of healthcare law. With the legal marijuana market expanding at a rapid pace, Aaron’s practice is devoted to keeping marijuana businesses