Andrew Pitsicalis

Andrew Pitsicalis is , CEO of Purple Haze Properties a Celebrity Cannabis Licensing company. He’s built a company that has, intellectual property rights to Jimi Hendrix, name, likeness and image. With over 20 years in the cannabis Industry, Mr. Pitsicalis has had experience in Cultivation to Production, Sales, Education, Media. Pitsicalis was awarded 2015 with a High Times Trailblazer award for one the top 50 pioneers in the Cannabis Industry at last years business summit in Washington DC and has won 10 High Times Cannabis Cups. His company, Purple Haze Properties, created. Jimi’s Medicated Macaroons which was awarded best edible of the year, at the 1st Annual, Jack Herrer awards, in Las Vegas in 2015 & also received 5 Jack Herrer awards at the 2nd Annual Jack Herrer Cup in 22016. Jimis Meds also took 4th place at the So Cal Cannabis Cup for Jimi’s Meds and our Macaroons. Jimi’s Cannabis Collection was, April 2016,” Edible Flavor of the month”, featured in High Times Magazine. The Purple Haze Pre-Rolled Joints, by California Finest is also featured in another issue of Hight Times, last year and has won 10 High Times Cannabis Cups the last few years and featured in magazines and newspapers We work with Cannabis Licensing for Jimi Hendrix, Peter Tosh, Digital Underground, Old Dirty Bastard, other celebrities.