Founder and Owner

Charles Houghton

Charles T. Houghton is the founder and owner of Charles T. Houghton, P.C., a law firm In 2010 Charles sat on the City of Colorado Springs Medical Marijuana Task Force to help the City of Colorado Springs develop its regulatory framework and ordinances. He was reappointed and sat on the latest City of Colorado Medical Marijuana Task Force in 2016. He has been instrumental in establishing regulatory schemes in various cities and counties. He represents a number of Marijuana Businesses and acts as a consultant to those entering the business in California, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Illinois, Florida, Canada and other states and countries with some form of marijuana laws. He is a frequent speaker and lecturer on patient rights, the business and regulatory aspects of the marijuana industry. An attorney for over 32 years, he brings his expertise in regulatory compliance matters, business law, municipal law, real estate, commercial leasing, zoning, planning, construction and litigation to help his clients run successful and profitable businesses.

Charles has recently relocated to California and acts as a consultant to municipalities,
counties, trade organizations and businesses in California dealing with the existing and upcoming regulatory framework in this State. Charles is licensed to practice law in Colorado.