Founder and CEO

Chris Dunn

As the Founder and CEO for Covered 6 | DGP International, Chris has trained thousands of military, law enforcement, and private security personnel in all aspects of safety, weapons, and tactical training. Recently, Covered 6 was awarded the first ever industry National Standard for “Private Security Specialist” training by the US Department of Labor. Under Chris’s leadership, Covered 6 is currently working on the first vocational “Cyber Specialist” program standard. The vocational advocacy work for veterans by Covered 6 is unprecedented. Chris has helped fortune 500 clients shape perspective policies, develop customized training programs, and leads the industry in private active shooter intervention. He has also managed protective services teams in direct support of private companies, universities, exclusive private schools, financial institutions, and government agencies. In 2011, Chris started the A.D.A.P.T. (Awareness and Defense Against Physical Threat) for universities and schools and has trained several thousand students for both domestic and international safety programs. During his time in law enforcement in Southern California, Chris served as a CRASH East Los Angeles gang officer, undercover narcotics detective, SWAT Team member, field training officer (FTO), Defensive Tactics instructor (DTAC), and divisional firearms/tactics instructor. Chris graduated as “Honor Graduate” of his academy class. In 1998, Chris was awarded the LAPD Medal of Valor and the Top Cop Award in Washington by President Bill Clinton for actions during an officer rescue incident. In 2007, Chris was again recognized in Washington DC by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales with the OCEDET award for his accomplishments during a federal organized crime investigation. In the military, Chris served as a Military Police investigator, Special Response Team sniper/point man, and protective services (PSD) team member for the Secretary of Defense.