President and CEO

Clifton Parks

Clif Parks is President and CEO of AgriLogic Consulting, LLC, an economic consulting firm that supplies risk management products and services to the agricultural, financial and insurance industries. As a diversified agricultural consulting firm, the company has provided services in policy development, strategic planning, finance, information technology and management for both private and public-sector entities. Mr. Parks has extensive experience in numerous sectors of the agricultural industry that range from his family’s diversified farming operation, to working in the United States (U.S.) House of Representatives’ Committee on Agriculture, the Center of North American Studies at Texas A&M University, and finally with the AgriLogic family of companies in an array of positions. His roles with AgriLogic Consulting, LLC have spanned from analyst to executive.

Mr. Parks’ principal focus since joining AgriLogic Consulting in 2001 has been on crop insurance program development and expert review. In this role, he has often led diverse teams of industry leading experts in the development of an array of actuarial, time series, structural econometric, simulation, and invasive species models for a broad range of applications, many of which became the underpinnings of a variety of crop and weather-based insurance programs. In addition to his vast domestic experience, Mr. Parks has been responsible for developing, proposing, and evaluating several international crop insurance products in Australia, Brazil, Colombia, and Ireland. Currently Mr. Parks and his staff oversee crop insurance program development and maintenance; portfolio management and risk allocation for insurance providers; as well as providing specialized economic, risk management, insurance and agricultural consulting services to a broad array of clientele.