Partner and Science Advisor

David Shearer

Dr. David Shearer is co-founder bio365 and co-founder/CEO of Full Circle Biochar, both clean technology companies developing biochar products for global agricultural and carbon sequestration applications. Prior to launching Full Circle Biochar, Dr. Shearer was Chief Scientist at California Environmental Associates and Principal Environmental Scientist at AeroVironment Inc. where he worked in the next generation transportation, energy, carbon mitigation, and information technology space with Toyota’s Advanced Technology Group and Google.Org. In addition to his private sector activities, Dr. Shearer has directed groundbreaking work in both public policy and philanthropic investment for climate change mitigation. He was co-founder and Board Chair of Black Rock Solar, is co-founder and Board Director of Black Rock Labs, and Board Chair of SkyTruth. He is a frequent collaborator with Brian Goggin, a creator of large scale public art. Dr. Shearer has a Ph.D. in Environmental Epidemiology and a M.S. in Environmental Microbiology from the University of California, and B.S. in Biology from the University of Oregon.