Owner and General Manager

Dr. Chanda Macias

Chanda Macias, MBA, Ph.D., is the Owner and General Manager of the National Holistic Healing Center Medical Marijuana Dispensary (NHHC) in Washington D.C. NHHC is a patient advocated company dedicated to providing individuals with debilitating medical conditions, and specific illnesses with alternative allopathic medicine. NHHC provides patient education and support, medical marijuana, and medical marijuana-infused products to qualifying patients or designated caregivers in compliance with the DC Department of Health. Dr. Macias earned her Ph.D. from Howard University in 2001 with a concentration in Cell Biology. She was extensively trained at the Howard University Cancer Center studying, breast cancer and evolved her studies to focus developing a model to understand how prostate cancer metastasizes to bone (Macias et al., 2002). Dr. Macias’ education, experience and skill set have prepared her for the venture in the medical marijuana industry. She is dedicated to the healthcare industry and continues to find innovative ways to meet the population’s needs with healthcare solutions. Dr. Macias has the scientific insight to assist with dosages, and medical marijuana strain alignment according to specific ailments. Dr. Macias genuinely wants to assist patients with their healthcare needs, and she is qualified and has the passion to do so.