Dr. Jan Roberts DSW, LCSW

CEO, Director of Translational Research

International Research Center on Cannabis and Mental Health

Jan Roberts, DSW, LCSW is a recognized leader and clinician in the field of cannabis and mental health. Dr. Roberts is a licensed clinical social worker and the founder and CEO of Partners in Health and Wellbeing, one of the largest multi-site mental health and wellness private practices in the mid-Atlantic region in the United States. Dr. Roberts became interested in cannabis’ effects after seeing how cannabis was helpful in improving the lives of some of her clients who had experienced little help from traditional medications. After seeing her own cases improve, Dr. Roberts embarked on a path to further her understanding of cannabis and its impact on mental health, and to provide objective information and advocate for its healthy use.

As a result of her clinical work, Dr. Roberts joined Dr. Jahan Marcu in forming the International Research Center on Cannabis and Mental Health (IRCCMH), a collaborative research institute located in New York that bridges university and community-based projects across the globe on cannabis and mental health. Dr. Roberts is the Chief Executive Officer and Director of Translational Research for IRCCMH, founded in 2017, which has become a recognized objective leader in cannabis research design, education, and consultation.

Dr. Roberts teaches at the NYU Silver School of Social Work. In addition to her academic role, Dr. Roberts is a governor-appointed member of the Delaware Medical Marijuana Act Advisory Committee.

Most recently, Dr. Roberts joined Dr. Jahan Marcu, social activist/cannabis-entrepreneur Randy Cameron, and comedian/actor Greer Barnes in creating a weekly podcast titled “New Hemp Times” which is dedicated to providing accurate analysis and commentary around cannabis research, policy issues, and its societal impact in a smart yet approachable and often comedic way. Dr. Roberts lives in New York and sees patients at her private practice in Manhattan.