Laboratory Director

Dr. Safedin “Sajo” Beqaj

Dr. Sajo Beqaj is board certified in molecular pathology and is a board-certified clinical consultant. He has been practicing as a laboratory director since 2005. He received his PhD in pathology from Wayne State University Medical School, Detroit, Michigan. He performed his post-doctoral fellowship at Abbott Laboratories from 2001-2003. He continued his career as a Research Assistant Professor at Children’s Memorial Hospital and Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois until 2005 when he joined Path Group Labs, Nashville, Tennessee as Laboratory Director in molecular diagnostics. In 2008 he joined DCL Medical Laboratories as Laboratory Director for Clinical Pathology where he was responsible for clinical laboratory operations and technical operations including development and implementation of new tests and technologies. Although he is a board certified high-complexity laboratory director and oversees all clinical pathology operations, his field of expertise is in molecular diagnostics and genetic testing. He has served as a teacher assistant at pathology department at Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, visiting professor of molecular diagnostics at Tennessee State University, Nashville, Tennessee; and as an adjunct professor of anatomy and physiology at Nashville State Community College, Nashville, Tennessee. Dr. Beqaj has published more than 20 medical textbook chapters and journal articles. In addition, he has presented various scientific clinical abstracts and has conducted clinical trials for several well-known pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies. He is a member of numerous medical and scientific associations including the Association of Molecular Pathology, American Association of Clinical Chemistry and the Pan Am Society for Clinical Virology. He has served on a number of clinical laboratory regulatory and scientific committees and has assisted several laboratories and physicians as a Clinical Laboratory Consultant.