Founding Partner

Ean Seeb

Ean Seeb was co-owner and manager of Denver Relief, one of Colorado’s most successful medical cannabis operations. Widely regarded for his expertise in corporate philanthropy, strategic business management and regulatory compliance, Ean is a highly respected thought leader aiding the development of a robust national cannabis industry. As a founding partner of Denver Relief Consulting and seasoned cannabis dispensary operator, Ean has significant experience navigating complex legislation and regulatory demands unique to legal cannabis operations. He was a two-time chair of the National Cannabis Industry Association and continues to hold leadership positions with charitable organizations focused on a range of social causes, from civil rights to sustainable volunteer farming. Ean has been actively involved with nonprofit groups for more than two decades. His years of humanitarian experience lead Ean to conceptualize and develop a cannabis-centric service organization called the Denver Relief GREEN TEAM in 2009. Ean’s vision for the GREEN TEAM has grown with the range of different services offered by the organization, which now brings volunteer efforts to communities in a number of legal cannabis states.