Founder and CEO

Eric Eisele

Eric Eisele is the CEO and founder of GrowFlux, Inc, a leader in indoor agriculture automation and manufacturer of connected horticultural lighting and microclimate sensors. Eric is an engineer with broad experience in product development, LED lighting, and high-performance building design, and is responsible for the product roadmap and corporate strategy at GrowFlux. In his role at GrowFlux, Eric developed the company’s core IP portfolio and several technology platforms including FluxScale™, Precision PAR™, and AetherMesh. He is credited with 7 US and international patents for adaptive LED lighting and sensing. In previous roles, Eric developed connected lighting systems to regulate the human circadian rhythm in commercial buildings, developed novel OLED manufacturing technology at DuPont, and designed energy efficient facades and solar PV systems for iconic buildings such as the United States Embassy in London, among other high performance architectural projects. In his free time, Eric is an avid horticulturalist and enjoys cooking, hiking, and traveling.