Senior Engineering Geologist and Chief, Regional Cannabis Cultivation Regulatory Unit

Eric Lindberg PG, CHG

Eric Lindberg is the supervisor of the South Coast Cultivation Regulatory Unit, which covers the Los Angeles, Santa Ana, and San Diego Regions. His unit participates in both compliance and enforcement inspections of commercial cannabis cultivations.
Most of our program enrollees are legal indoor grows, primarily located in the cities of Los Angeles and San Diego. Program requirements vary, but may include regular monitoring and reporting, nutrient management plans, and site closure reports.
Many of the enforcement actions my unit participates in have been in unincorporated San Diego and Riverside Counties, where commercial cultivation is (currently) prohibited. We support law enforcement officers and other agencies (e.g. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife) in serving search warrants, where we document any environmental violations under the California Water Code. Environmental crimes under the Water Code and/or the Fish and Game Code can be felony enhancements on what is otherwise a misdemeanor for unlicensed (i.e. illegal) cultivation.