CEO and Co-Founder

Jacobi Holland

Jacobi Holland is the CEO and Co-founder of Jade Insights, as well as a Co-founder of REVEL. Working in the cannabis industry for the last four years, Jacobi realized there was a void in how licensed companies used their data to make business decisions. All of their data was disparate, complicated and ultimately, not being used effectively, if at all, to make critical business decisions. As a result, Jacobi started Jade Insights, a turn-key business intelligence and supply-chain analytics web-app for cannabis industry operators. Jade Insights helps businesses stay compliant and increase efficiency throughout the supply-chain. Given his vast, on-the-ground knowledge of different types of cannabis technology, Jacobi also helped co-found REVEL, a cannabis technology showcase in New York City that highlights the most innovative companies and entrepreneurs in the legal marijuana markets. Before starting REVEL and Jade Insights, Jacobi started a data, tech and software consulting company for the cannabis industry, Dutch Compass. As a consultant, Jacobi helped companies create value in technology and data throughout the emerging marijuana markets. He has worked with numerous licensed facilities, other cannabis technology companies, government and PR groups, national CBD brands and other cannabis organizations. Though, heavily involved with the tech side of cannabis, rooted in all that he does, Jacobi is committed to advocate for medical marijuana patient access and to ensure the legal cannabis industry is equitable to communities hurt the most from the War on Drugs.