esq., Co-founder, The Hempest, Inc.

Kim Napoli

Kim Napoli is a Roxbury, Massachusetts-based attorney practicing labor and employment law. In 2006 Ms. Napoli co-founded the Hempest in Harvard Square (now The Hempest, Inc.), a hemp-based retail clothing boutique whose mission is to educate the public about hemp and cannabis. Ms. Napoli continues to educate the public on the benefits of cannabis and equity in Massachusetts through her work as Director of Diversity Programs and Marketing Specialist at New England Treatment Access, Inc. She is also Of Counsel to the Vicente Sederberg law firm.
As a Massachusetts state Cannabis Advisory Board member, Napoli also works to develop and deliver messaging on the significant topic of social justice and equality in the Massachusetts cannabis industry in order to support and bolster equity in ownership amongst disparately impacted communities such as her own. Ms. Napoli served as the Director of Outreach for the successful Yes on 4 Campaign to Regulate and Tax Marijuana in Massachusetts in 2016.