Michael Markarian

Michael Markarian is the CEO of Contempo Specialty Packaging, a cannabis packaging company with a deep history serving the top fashion brands and retailers in the world. Contempo’s rapid success in the cannabis industry comes from applying the best practices learned from 40 years in the fashion industry. Whether it’s a fashion brand or a cannabis brand, a very similar process can be utilized for designing and manufacturing branded packaging that is required to be a world class brand.

Prior to Contempo Specialty Packaging, Markarian founded Mount Dream, a startup which helped student entrepreneurs start companies from their dorms. To start Mount Dream, Markarian used Kickstarter and had the 5th most successful Web project of all time. In the Fall 2016, Mount Dream ran a college program at Babson College, which was a smashing success and led to many students gaining real world entrepreneurial experience for the first time. Markarian is also the host of “The Cannabis Packaging Show” on YouTube, which teaches cannabis brands and dispensaries how to get beautiful packaging for all their products.

Markarian is Babson College alumnus, who started his first company from his dorm room. After graduating, he raised $350,000 from angel investors in the Boston-area to develop his social networking platform. The company became popular in Boston, even featured in the Boston Globe.
Markarian’s greatest passion in business is building brands that are known all over the world. The cannabis industry is the perfect fit.