Michael Scherr

Michael has spent over a decade in the cannabis industry and brings knowledge, experience, and networks to this nascent industry. In 2008, he became one of the first 10,000 patients in Colorado and began growing for himself and eventually cultivating boutique strains for local dispensaries in Denver. Michael was a touring musician for his “day job” and 2012, he got a haircut and moved back to Boston where he graduated from Babson College’s entrepreneurial MBA program, focusing on branding and marketing. For the past two and a half years, Michael has dedicated his time to understanding all aspects of the cannabis industry and has a deep understanding of the interplay between them. Currently, Michael is COO of Maven Hemp, an international hemp and CBD distribution, products, and sourcing company. He is also the CEO America Israel Cannabis Association (AICA), whose goal is to increase, innovation, collaboration, and investment between the two country’s cannabis industries. Lastly, Michael is launching BirthJays the celebratory joint with a candle on it.