Founder, Chief Strategy Officer

Mr. Brian Staffa

After a series of other successful business ventures, Brian Staffa pivoted to cannabis and has since collected comprehensive experience with both boutique and corporate cannabis operations, tech startups, and private equity funds. Experience gained while leading cannabis conglomerate Palliatech through build out, licensing, and the first year of production within their vertically-integrated flagship facility in NJ served as a catalyst, allowing Brian to streamline and perfect process operations from blueprint to sale. He has since traveled across North America, working with current and future operators in 24 of the 29 legal US states and Canada. His collective experience contributes to an in depth understanding of the contrast between segmented state programs. When the scope of his independent consulting neared capacity, Brian founded BSC Group, a high level consulting and operational management firm that assists operators in their quest toward licensing, growth, sustainability, and efficiency, by merging best practices from successful cannabis operations with those of other mature industries. Prioritizing industry education, Brian speaks regularly at various events, serves on the ASTM committee responsible for writing national operational standards for cannabis, and is a Senior Advisor to two disruptive cannabis companies headed toward environmental and educational industry breakthroughs.