Kyler Buck

Co-Founder, Luna Technologies; Consultant

Hempsi Wholesale CBD

Kyler Buck is an Oregon native with an extensive history in the cannabis market. After leaving the Army in 2012, he entered the medical cannabis industry and quickly saw the potential in extraction. After countless hours experimenting, he built a successful brand focused on high quality BHO products. As the company expanded, he ran into a number of problems with the extraction equipment. It was difficult to scale, was very labor intensive, and required expert “extraction artists” to maintain the high-quality product the brand was known for. It was these challenges that spawned Luna Technologies. Kyler partnered with an engineer from the aerospace industry to rethink hydrocarbon extraction equipment from the ground up. Over the next two years, they developed a state-of-the-art extractor now called the IO Extractor. Now several generations past the original unit, the fully automated IO Extractor is being recognized at the premier BHO Extraction unit on the market today.