Mike Kelly

Board of Director

Coachelle Valley Cannabis Alliance Network

Mike Kelly has lived and worked in the Coachella Valley from 1976 – 2015 and was very involved in the local community. His Father was a school teacher at Vista Del Monte for 33 years and was President of the Little League Association and President of the DHS Road Committee.
Mr. Kelly has spent several years in the cannabis industry, specifically in the business arena since 2009 when he opened the Aloha collective in Santa Ana. As a community activist in the legalization of cannabis, he initiated measures in Santa Ana and was one of the key people successfully getting legalized Cannabis dispensaries on the ballot with measure CC and measure BB. With fellow cannabis enthusiasts, he created an online show titled “Speakeasy Live” which was filmed at Weedmaps HQ. Speakeasy Live featured industry celebrities who are knowledgeable about the cannabis culture in the United States. In 2015, he cofounded Speakeasy 710, a premium oil cannabis company that has taken a classy approach appealing to a mainstream consumer. When Prop 64 passed in 2017, Mr. Kelly partnered with a sophisticated group of real estate and finance specialists who have now successfully received 50 Cannabis licensees throughout California.
Mike has now developed Falcon Brands a CBD line of products to assist patients to better health and well-being.