Mike Kemsky


Smokin' Mike's

Smokin Mike Kemsky was a young boy when his family relocated to Canada from Russia and Poland where they continued to develop innovative methods for processing cured meat products. What started as a means of survival has evolved into his lifelong passion. Smokin Mike has dedicated a majority of his lifetime perfecting recipes and techniques and is now best known for his infused pepperoni, jerky and dry-aged smoked meat products. Today, Smokin Mike has unveiled his premium pepperoni and jerky to the “infused CBD edibles” marketplace. Smokin Mike known for his THC infused cured meat products in years past has now shifted from manufacturing THC infused products to the health and wellness products recognized by the related CBD industry. You can now purchase his award-winning meat snacks, Smokin Mike jerky and pepperoni sticks infused with high quality CBD for personal medical ailment relief and your quality snack food preference and enjoyment.