Founder and CEO of Café Vert

Ms. Karima Rizk

Karima Rizk is an adult use cannabis advocate and entrepreneur. As an Easthampton resident, she actively participated in crafting one of the state’s most progressive adult use zoning ordinances. Karima is the chairwoman of Make Cannabis Work for Easthampton, Easthampton’s social consumption ballot initiative committee. Karima is also the Founder and CEO of Café Vert, a cannabis coffeehouse startup seeking social consumption licensing. Prior to Café Vert, Ms. Rizk served as a Patient Sales Associate at NETA Northampton, providing medical marijuana education and retail service to Massachusetts medical patients. Ms. Rizk holds a B.A. from Dartmouth College and a MBA from the Isenberg School of Management (University of Massachusetts Amherst). She brings 12+ years experience in project management and operations, in several federal and international capacities, spanning multiple technical sectors, including education, international development, and engineering.