Nina Parks

Nina Parks has lived many lives before cannabis as an artist, photographer, educator, case manager, Martial Arts instructor, human rights activist and community organizer for police accountability, she parlayed her past lives into the aiding in the development of a just and equitable cannabis industry in 2014 after her brother was arrested for cannabis distribution. Her deep passion for the pursuit of the “New American Dream,” lead to her launching her brother’s delivery service, Mirage Medical in San Francisco and Co-founding Supernova Women to aid in empowering women of color to be more visible as owners and influencers in the Cannabis industry. Her accomplishments range from coalition building to make sure delivery services were included in the launch of CA adult use Cannabis economy and helping to design SF’s Cannabis Social Equity Program to ensure that we make real efforts to aid in healing the damage of America’s failed “war on drugs.” All of which earned her a place in Hightime’s 100 top influential people in Cannabis.

Currently, Ms. Parks has handed back ownership of Mirage Medicinal to her brother now that he is home and can own his business. She is launching Nina Parks Consulting specifically for people that need help navigating or building Cannabis Social Equity Programs and is working on her own Cannabis product line, so stay tuned in.