Regional Manager

Omar Hamwi

Omar Hamwi is the Regional Manager of Business Development in the U.S. and Canada for Dash, the leading cryptocurrency for payments. At Dash, Omar creates and manages partnerships and projects within the U.S. and Canada focusing on innovative use cases of Dash that solve existing problems in specific industries. For example, Omar recently project managed a large multi-faceted launch in Venezuela for a mobile phone company. As a key part of his role, Omar is focusing on supporting the mainstream integration of Cryptocurrency in the U.S. Cannabis industry.
Prior to joining Dash, Omar began his career with the Global Bank Advisory Services and Credit Bureau Development team within IFC, the World Bank’s private sector arm. Omar then entered the private sector as a management consultant, consulting for a number of companies on Wallstreet and major television networks in New York City. Most recently, he led Global Business Development for a Dubai-based global Fintech company. Omar holds an MBA and a certificate in Decision Sciences from George Washington University and a BA in Economics from York University.