Founder, CEO, and Managing Partner

Pamela Epstein

Pamela is the Founder of Green Wise Companies. In 2014, Pamela stated working in the cannabis industry. She has become known as a fearless advocate for local businesses with current clients ranging from startups and entrepreneurs to companies in all stages of development. Pamela ensures that Green Wise clients have the proper planning and business structure that will result in efficiency and profitability as well as an overall benefit for the cannabis industry. Pamela is a featured speaker at several cannabis conferences speaking on land use, zoning, regulatory compliance and environmental issues. Pamela has worked diligently to bridge the gap between city and counties and compliant cannabis businesses, as such, she served as the Special City Attorney for the City of Hollister with regard to their Medical Cannabis Ordinance and Regulations.

Pamela serves as an adjunct professor, most recently teaching the first cannabis law course in Arizona at Arizona Summit Law School. In addition, she serves on the advisory board for the Foundation Of Cannabis Unified Standards (“FOCUS”) and Annabis. She has and will continue to focus on helping clients build successful, sustainable and responsible businesses within the ever-growing cannabis industry, and assisting those businesses in the process of negotiating the rapidly changing landscape of cannabis law and regulations at the local, state and federal level.