Farm Manager

Ross Duffield

Ross came to the Rodale Institute in 2013 with more than twenty years of farming experience. He grew up on a dairy farm in North East Pennsylvania where, at an early age, he learned the value and importance of animal care and pasture management. After attending Kutztown University and working as a school teacher for several years, Ross realized his true passion lay in organic agriculture. This path led back to farming and, eventually, to the Rodale Institute where he serves as Farm Manager.At Rodale Institute, Ross is responsible for field maintenance including planting and seeding, maintaining the farm equipment necessary to work the fields, and expanding the livestock operations, particularly the vertical integration of the poultry and hog operations into crop rotations. In this unique position, he utilizes his teaching background and skills in sharing his farming expertise with aspiring and transitioning farmers.Within the last year, Ross has overseen the construction and operation of the Rodale institute hog facility. This facility offers hogs the opportunity to forage on organic pasture crops when they choose, as well as provide a shelter that is efficient and clean. Free access to pasture and a deep straw bedding pack provide a healthy place for a variety of hogs whether they are farrowing or finishing. Animal comfort is a direct result of the operation and a reduction of labor allows for the farmer to spend less time cleaning and more time profiting from raising these wonderful animals.