Sean Eubanks

Sean Eubanks, COO of Fyre Cannabis Consulting, which was awarded the first recreational cannabis cultivation license in Boulder, CO in 2014 & has expanded to 6 state issued cultivation, infused products, and retail licenses including 3 Award Winning Cannabis and Hemp Derived CBD brands in 60+ stores across Colorado. Fyre Cannabis Consulting combines 15 years of proven, cannabis specific industry experience with unparalleled business acumen and is a pioneer in the cannabis space. Sean will share mistakes made & valuable compliance lessons learned from the creation and active management of our Colorado facilities. Clients in 14 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico rely on our experienced-based consulting to have the edge required to increase yield & continually manage a stable, clean environment with unparalleled attention to detail & proven success with genetic sourcing, fertigation, clean cultivation, manufacturing, & compliance based systems that we’ve developed in this fast paced, continually evolving industry.