NYC Market Leader

Tanya Osborne

Tanya Osborne, Founder of CannaDiva, LLC and NYC Market Leader for Women Grow, is a true Renaissance woman! From the Music Industry to Financial Services, Business Coaching and now. . . Cannabis. The common theme here is the connection . . . from being a champion for Women in Music, sharing the importance of women investing in and for their future, coaching women entrepreneurs and now contributing to changing the stigma of the plant and bringing awareness to the role of women in the Cannabis industry.

She is the CEO of CannaDiva, LLC, a brand committed to supporting women in the space from hosting Canna-events and shining a spotlight on women entrepreneurs and the products and services that are women-focused, and the NYC Market Leader for Women Grow which is a national organization encouraging and supporting women to build and “grow” in the Cannabis industry.

Exuding a passion for entrepreneurs, diversity, and women has led Tanya to the Cannabis industry which is positioned for exponential growth. Her goal is to educate, connect and support women leaders in this industry.