Thoma Kikis

Prior to founding Kannalife Sciences, Thoma Kikis was compelled by his father (who suffered with Hepatic Encephalopathy) and cousin (who suffered and died of Brain Cancer) to find treatments for neurodegenerative related diseases. Mr. Kikis is an entrepreneur who has a passion for great stories, new ideas, groundbreaking technologies, popular culture and their collective point of impact. Most recently, Mr. Kikis executive produced the comedy film It’s a Disaster, starring Julia Stiles, David Cross and America Ferrera and co-produced the award winning film Alps by the innovative Oscar® nominated director Yorgos Lanthimos, which recently won best screenplay at the Venice Film Festival and best film at the Sydney Film Festival. He previously conceived the Ovie brand name and and co-founded Ovie Entertainment, a production company where he produced Darkon, a real-life role play documentary about fictional action characters similar to a real-life version of the game Dungeons and Dragons. Darkon was purchased for remake by Brad Pitt’s Plan B and distributed by IFC. Among others has worked with Viacom, MTV Interactive, redesigned, VH1, SonicNet, Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Icon Medialab, ERT, Teachers College, Columbia University, and TCI/Teachers College Innovations. His inspiration in starting Kannalife was his cousin, Dr. Steven Kazianis PhD, an extremely accomplished cancer research scientist who lost his life in 2008 battling brain cancer at the age of 41. Since then Mr. Kikis has made it his life’s goal in finding treatments for diseases that effect the brain. Mr. Kikis hold a Bachelor of Science in Communications Management from New York University and a degree from the New York Film Academy. He is also a member of MIT Enterprise Forum (NYC Chapter), Summit Series and a member of the (ICRS) International Cannabinoid Research Society.