Mr. Todd Arkley

Todd Arkley, CPA, is the owner of Arkley Accounting Group, a Seattle-based accounting firm founded in 2014 for the sole purpose of helping small-to-medium sized businesses within the cannabis industry grow and thrive.
Todd has immersed himself in the cannabis industry’s complex financial and tax concerns, such as IRC 280E, banking, and state/local taxes, while at the same time integrating his extensive accounting and operational background developed over 13 years working for law firms and private industry. He has written and spoken at length regarding accounting and tax issues affecting the cannabis industry at the NCIA Cannabis Business Summit, the Center for Cannabis and Social Policy, the Center for New Revenue, and Marijuana Venture magazine. He also serves as the Treasurer of The Cannabis Alliance, a nonprofit dedicated to the advancement of a sustainable, vital, and ethical cannabis industry.
He is a member of the WSCPA and AICPA and also teaches cannabis taxation classes for CPAs, accounting students, and business owners.