Zachary Pitts

Zachary Pitts began working in the cannabis industry cultivating and producing edibles but transitioned to retail when he co-founded the delivery service Goddess Delivers in 2011. In 2014, Zach launched a retail storefront, Ganja Goddess, in Seattle, WA. Following the passage of the MCRSA, Zach joined with fellow delivery operators in Los Angeles to organize the Los Angeles Delivery Alliance, and then, in conjunction with other local cannabis industry activists, helped create the Southern California Coalition. The SCC works towards fair licensing and regulation of delivery on local and state levels and enjoyed success with the campaign for Proposition M in Los Angeles and working directly with the city council to create inclusive and broadly available licensing. Last year, Zach became the founding president of the California Cannabis Delivery Alliance, a coalition of regional delivery alliances from across the state of California, that has successfully lobbied for more inclusion of delivery needs in statewide legislation and rulemaking.